Brain On The Run

I’ve gone underground.

You know, I thought that was going to sound cooler. Whenever you see a spy movie and the main character says ‘I’m going underground’, it comes across as cool and hard.

It’s much less so when it’s happening to you. Also when it’s literal. Going underground is probably a lot more fun when you aren’t actually in a subterranean shelter trying to avoid being destroyed by heroes and villains alike.

Not that I don’t deserve it.

I apologize that this missive is in text form. I accidentally left my recording equipment in BRAINFEVER BASE 01 when I evacuated. I assume it’s now in pieces or has been confiscated by Señor Supreme and Nocturnal Knight. I hope the former. If the latter, we may end up being subject to yet another season of Super Hero Corner.

That’s a level of torture even the Tingler Family would hesitate to use.

I wanted you to all know that I survived. As if there was any doubt. I’m a supervillain, after all. I’m THE supervillain. Or I was, anyway, for a few precious months there. And if there’s one thing supervillains are experts at, it’s contingency plans for their inevitable defeat.

Not that I’m defeated! Not at all. This is just a setback…and one that I brought upon myself.

Some of you might think I acted in a moment of passion when I let all the heroes loose. You might have a point.

It had been a somewhat boring time at the top. That put me in a mental state that I’m not proud of. And I was going through a messy break-up at the end there. Messier for Time Raveller than me, of course.

There were pieces of him everywhere.

Don’t worry on that score, though! I’m sure I’ll be able to pluck him from the time stream before he’s completely disintegrated.

Assuming I ever get into a fully functioning lab again. BRAINFEVER BASE X is fine for letting me rest without running from Señor Supreme’s better-vision or Major Clockwork’s temporal scans. It’s kind of lacking on actual scientific equipment, though.

Plus the pull-out couch is lumpy.

Still, this is not the end for Professor Brainfever. Not by a long shot.

And besides, I prefer things this way. Sometimes you have to erase the whole chalkboard and start again before you find the real answer to your problems. And that’s what I did.

Now I simply need to start filling the board up again. That shouldn’t be a problem at all!


I really wish my moon base hadn’t been destroyed, though. All my favorite clones were up there…


Passing the Test: How the Bechdel Test Makes Me a Better Writer

Full disclosure, for anyone who doesn't know. I am a straight, cisgender, caucasian male. And because of that, I am literally dripping with privilege. So much so that it is painfully easy to respond in a privileged matter on any number of subjects without thinking.

Which is why I'm trying to think more. There are tools out there that help with the thinking process, and one of those is the Bechdel Test.

Have you heard of it?

It originated in a 1985 comic strip called DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR by Alison Bechdel. The strip in question features two women discussing the three rules they use to decide which films to go and see.

  1. It has to feature at least two women
  2. These women have to speak to each other
  3. When they speak, it can't be about a man

Pretty simple, right? Or at least it should be. When you actually do the research, it is depressing how many films fail. 

Don't take my word for it. keeps track so you can go see for yourself.







All good movies, in my humble opinion, but they all fail the test. And that's just a drop in the bucket.

Now, to be clear, the Bechdel Test isn't something you can use necessarily to determine the quality of a film. Even if it doesn't pass the test, you can still have a fantastic movie. But it's problematic, is it not?

Women make up 50% of the population. Why is it so hard to include them in film?

It shouldn't be. But privilege can blind you. I've experienced it first hand. While I'm not a filmmaker, I am a writer, and I've found that far too often when coming up with a new character I will make them a straight white male.

Or at least, I used to. I'm nowhere near perfect, and I probably never will be. Since learning about the Bechdel Test, though, I've given character creation more thought. Many more are now female, non-straight, non-white, non-cis. I try to mix it up as much as I can. My characters now no longer look just like me.

If you've seen me, you know that can only be a good thing. 

On a serious note, it's just about realism. Walk down the street, look around, and see what the world looks like. Unless you live in some sort of compound, you're going to see men and women of different backgrounds, ethnicities and styles. That's normal. That's the way the world actually is.

Your writing will only benefit from making it match the real world. So write some female characters, okay? Get on it.